The assassins. Notice how that word starts with two asses? These two characters are them! Sons of a City State whore, one's a half-elf the other's a half-orc, and they're both pure bred bozos.

The half-elf is Sindar or Brother Elf.

The half-orc is unnamed (who would name one?) and doesn't respond to Brother Orc.

They own their own bar, The Dragon Inn, with a motley assortment of employees:
  • Sark, the one-armed bartender.
  • Bitsy, the ditzy barmaid.
  • Mrs. Monti, the nearly deaf matron who'll clean up anything.
They've mostly kept the place going by doing the more-than-occasional turn for the Grandfather of Assassins. They'd never stay in business based on the inn alone.

There have been many adventures, some we can actually recall. Should any get written up, here's where the stories will be stored.