It all began with the following note from our GM:

Well I am in beautiful Fort Lewis Washington outside of Tacoma and I'm working the 6PM to 6 Am shift which does strange things to my mind and leaves me with free time in the day when I can't sleep as well as I wish.

So as I took a break in the misty woods of Washington and as the coolness enveloped me I had a strange juxtapositioning of thoughts. I thought about spies of the cold war lurking about Berlin or Istanbul and I thought what if they were magicians and able to, say, change their faces using magic. How would the cold war have gone then?

As the night wore on it developed. Why stop there? Why not have Elves and Dwarves and Dragons and such? I began to form a history in my head. What if Professor Tolkein, who we all know ripped off Norse Mythology liberally to make the Lord of the Rings, was in fact also ripping off from a much larger story? One that he'd researched thoroughly?

The result: Star Chamber. Named for the infamous secret court created by King Henry VII in the fifteenth century, it is where Bond meets Tolkein ... literally. The British government has formed a secret organisation dedicated to using magic under this old moniker: Her Majesty's Mystic Service. Headed by a person known only as X, it is the shadowy sister service of the mundane intelligence organisations.

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